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Helping Veterinary Practices

Build Great Teams and Strong Businesses

Forward Booking

Most clinics I work with start with an average Forward Booking rate of between 12% - 17% of all patient visits. Through the processes and training I have created, I consistently have clinics increase to 25% -  40% the day after training the staff. With the training, and continued focus, most clinics can maintain a solid monthly Forward Booking rate.

Revenue Growth

"I worked with Jason Coppens to help focus our business’ efforts to improve revenue growth.  By utilizing his insights and data mining options we were able to determine the areas holding our business back.   Implementing the processes Jason developed for us allowed us to triple our rate of revenue growth from the prior 3 years."

- Dr. Tammy Sadek DVM

Talent Acquisition

Veterinary practices across the United States are struggling to find the staff they need to fill their open practice manager, technician, veterinary assistant and receptionist roles. We have developed proven techniques to help with the entire hiring process including posting a well written ad, screening, interviewing, reference checks, offer letters, and on-boarding. Whether you need us to just advise you, or manage the entire process for you, we have the skills and experience to get the job done.


Coppens Business Strategies, LLC was created to help vet practices increase their effectiveness and have a larger impact in their community. We accomplish this by assisting business leaders like yourself in understanding what is driving your current results, and identify what changes would have the biggest impact. We work side by side with you to create a strategic plan for your unique business goals and the results you want to achieve. Once a strategy is outlined, we support you in implementing your vision and help you make sure it is successful. Whether you are a single doctor practice or a large practice with multiple locations, the best practices and expertise we offer will help you get more out of your business. 


Phone: (616) 437-9764

3821 Tioga DR SW

Wyoming, MI 49519


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