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Talent Acquisition


Every practice is unique. We work with you to identify what skills and personality traits would make your next hire a great fit. We then offload as much work from your team as you need by taking over parts or almost all the hiring process for you. With the fight for talent these days, it helps to partner with a team that has decades of experience identifying the right candidates.

Common Projects

We work with practices to implement a variety of services focused on growing the practice and increasing its' effectiveness. Some of the common projects include implementing forward booking, efficient room flow, training programs, employee performance management, and setting up scorecards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Customer Engagement

A deep understanding of your customers' habits will greatly impact your practices' success. We help you identify where your new customers are coming from, how engaged your current customers are, and how often you are losing customers. From there, we design a strategy that helps you optimize all three areas. 

Practice Performance Management

By identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your practice, we can help you quickly and easily identify how a process, team, or your entire business is performing.  Using this system you can look beyond what happened last month to what your results will likely be over the next several months. With this level of insight you will have the power to direct the future of your business.

Process Improvement


Well run practices are built on consistent processes that deliver dependable results. A strong process must incorporate the right integration of well-trained people, a clear and simple workflow, strong supporting systems, and oversight into its performance. We help you refine your processes by providing the needed balance between all of these areas to help you work smarter, not harder.

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